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Latest News
08/30/17 - 2017 Sustainable Development Report
2017 Sustainable Development Report
 At Lyreco, we consider that sustainability remains more than just an essential ingredient to doing business responsibly and successfully.

To learn more, please view and download our latest report for 2017, which has just been released.
05/17/17 - Lyreco PPE Report 2017
PPE: a successful venture for Lyreco!
Since 2013, Lyreco has included a new range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in its catalogue. Further developing Lyreco's offers is part of the group's new global expansion strategy, which consists of supplying products and services for all workplaces. 
03/24/17 - Group Supplier Day
Lyreco's Group Supplier Day was yet another success!

On Thursday 16 March 2017, Lyreco celebrated its Group Supplier Day in order to reward the Lyreco’s best suppliers as well as passing key messages about the company vision and transformation.

Around 130 Group suppliers have been welcomed in Paris, in presence of Hervé Milcent (CEO), Christophe Chambre (COO) and Franck Suhit (Group Marketing Director).

In a changing market, Lyreco stressed its desire to become the preferred partner in the workplace environment and explained to its suppliers its expectations for the coming years. The event was a big success and the suppliers really enjoyed being involved in the company vision. 

Nasser Kahil, Lyreco’s QSS Director was also part of the event in order to stress and remind the commitment of Lyreco in Sustainable Development and its ethical policies. 

The Group Supplier Day was also a chance for Lyreco to award best suppliers in the four new key categories, logistics and sustainability. 

Based on the criteria of covering marketing support, customer knowledge, environment respect, supply chain quality, the evaluation also allows suppliers to improve and implement corrective actions if necessary. 

The winners are;

 - Bi Silque: Best supplier Life at work
 - Pentel: Best supplier Office category 
 - Sealed Air: Best supplier Industrial category
 - Energizer: Best supplier Tech and print category
 - Stabilo: Best logistic performance
 - SCA: Best sustainable performance